PCOS Challenge Experts
Ellen Reiss Goldfarb

Ellen Reiss-Goldfarb, R.D.
Registered Dietitian specializing in Eating Disorders,
Body image Issues, and PCOS

PCOS Challenge Expert Series Workshop/Webinar
Eating Disorders and PCOS


Ellen Reiss-Goldfarb, a Registered Dietitian with a Private Practice in West Los Angeles, California. She was co-founder of "Through the Looking Glass", a support program for people with eating disorders and body images issues. She has worked as a clinical nutrition consultant and nutritional educator for over ten years. Her vision is to assist people in achieving their personal goals through nutrition education, as well as supporting their efforts in attaining balance in all areas of their lives.

Besides specialized work with Eating Disorders, Ellen has recently also expanded her practice to specialize in Women's hormonal issues which include PCOS and problems with Fertility. Ellen has been involved in nutrition and dietetics due to a personal passion to support and educate people on how to develop a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Eating Disorders and PCOS

Eating Disorders and PCOS

Workshop Description:
PCOS and Eating Disorders can be inter-connected. Registered Dietitian Ellen Reiss-Goldfarb will help you to recognize the connection and heal both issues. You will realize that there are both physiological and emotional reasons for eating disorders in women with PCOS. Ellen will also help you to figure out how to make peace with food and your body, and how to recognize the foods that will make you feel better.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Which came first, PCOS or the Eating Disorder.
  • Why many women with PCOS develop Eating Disorders.
  • How Binge Eating and Bulimia worsen PCOS symptoms.
  • How nutrition, lifestyle changes and stress management play a role in controlling cortisol and insulin.
  • What you can do to improve your PCOS symptoms.

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